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PawzNDogz™ is a premium, online, Canadian family owned pet brand that specializes in canine enriching / mentally stimulating, premium, Designed in Canada, third party safety tested, durable, varying challenge level and machine washable snuffle mats. 

Present in 900+ pet stores worldwide with 330+ verified all 5-star reviews with 20k+ happy tails!

Brands: PawzNDogz™ - Thoughtfully designed, Professionally made & Safety tested. Our snuffle mats are tested to be Formaldehyde free, Azocolorants free, Lead Free, Cadmium free, Pthalates free, BPA Free and Carcinogenic substances free! PawzNDogz is proudly Plastic Negative certified by Repurpose Global. So choose our snuffle mats with confidence where 'Nothing But The Best Matters ...'


  • PawzNDogz™ Delicious Avocado™ AntiBite Snuffle Mat
    Looking for a premium, durable, functional snuffle mat and big enough for large dogs or siblings? Our tough, dense, anti-bite webbings with the lick pad is sure to deliver a superior sensory snuffling experience for your pup....

  • About Us

    PawzNDogz is a premium, online, Canadian family owned pet brand that specializes in canine enriching / mentally stimulating, premium, Designed in Canada 🍁, durable, varying challenge level and machine washable snuffle mats.

    Conceived in the midst of the pandemic, it is proud to be on an accelerated growth path with the support of its distributors and retailers across Canada, USA, New Zealand, UK, France, Germany Switzerland and Taiwan, thereby coming one step closer to their vision - "All Dogs should experience the joy of snuffling in a PawzNDogz Snuffle Mat"

    The “Canine Enrichment” concept has gained immense impetus in the recent years because of its undeniable role in the holistic development of dogs 🐶. All brains need engagement and domesticated pets are no exception. Canine enrichment toys help to challenge their brains, work for their food, engage in activities that mimic the wild and there by reducing their stress, anxiety and undesirable behaviour.

    PawzNDogz’ premium snuffle mats are based on olfactory 🐽 canine enrichment and are not only boredom killers, they also help in building cognitive 🧠 and problem-solving 💡 abilities along with acting as a slow feeder for dogs who love to guzzle their food. As Sodoku and Wordle are for humans, snuffle mats are for dogs! These snuffle mats can be used for cats and small pets like rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters and guinea pigs too.

    PawzNDogz snuffle mats have been thoughtfully designed in house considering feedback / research from 100s of customers over the years and they truly understand what clicks and what does not, what customers look for, ask for and desire. All of their snuffle mats are machine washable in 30-degree gentle wash cycle.

    Since PawzNDogz’ mats need to be used under human supervision, they provide a superb opportunity for the pet parents to build and fortify the bond with their fur friends too.

    PawzNDogz, being a family owned business with its owners being avid dog lovers, they believe RESPECT, AGILITY and QUALITY as the core driving factors for their business.  These values coupled with superior personable customer service have earned them all 5-star reviews over the years.

    So, think PawzNDogz when you think snuffle mats!

    Unique selling points of PawzNDogz products are:

    • Premium Snuffle Mats targeted towards the contemporary pet parents who wish to emphasize on the best products for their fur babies
    • Thoughtful designs, keeping in mind canine cognition and vision 👀 and considering feedback from 100s of customers
    • 4 challenge levels for different types of dogs based on age, breed, temperament and circumstances (One size does not fit all)
    • 2x - 3x times heavier than competitor snuffle mats
    • Third Party tested Formaldehyde free, Azocolorants free, Lead Free, Cadmium free, Pthalates free, BPA Free and Carcinogenic substances free
    • Hand stitched by skilled craftsmen
    • Anti-bite material options for enthusiastic snufflers that can withstand gentle chewing 💪
    • Machine Washable, odour-free
    • 330+ all 5 star reviews across sales channels
    • Certified Plastic Negative by Repurpose Global 🌍
    • 20000+ happy tails, 900+ pet store partners, 8 countries, 4 countries, 4 distributors

    Challenge Level 3 PawzNDogz Delicious Avocado in detail:

    • Designed in Canada
    • Size : Diameter – 25.6 in x 18 in / 65 cm x 46 cm
    • Weight : 2 Kgs
    • Material : Thick Cotton Polyester Webbing, Felt, Food Grade Silicone
    • Detachable Parts : Food Grade Silicone Lick Pad (BPA Free, Pthalates free)
    • Features:
      • Dense anti-bite durable strong webbings
      • Velcro for closure and portability
      • Size large enough for being used by multiple siblings at the same time
      • Removable licking pad in the centre
      • Food grade Silicone licking pad with suction cup to attach to clean smooth floors
      • Licking pad can be used with wet / raw food
      • Licking pad can be used separately on smooth floors too
      • Large suction cup at the bottom to attach to clean smooth floors
      • 10 min of snuffle mat activity is equivalent to approx 1 hour of running, tires your pet
      • Acts as a slow feeder too
      • Machine washable in a gentle cycle at 30 degrees

    • This variant is recommended for gentle chewers. These snuffle mats, though sturdy and durable are not indesctructible and not recommended for aggressive / hard / power chewers.
    • Suitability : Complex with 3+ puzzles recommended for highly smart and energetic dogs, recuperating young dogs and large dogs across ages. Also recommended for dogs who would love to graduate from Level 2

    The Bestseller, this Snuffle Mat is loved by All 🥑!