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Only An Ocean

North Charleston,  SC 
United States
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Only An Ocean understands what it takes to be successful in the pet trade. We provide the pet industry with exceptional and proven pet products such as PoochieBells, Max & Molly, Beco, Hownd, PetDreamHouse, Prestige Pets, Yuup! Italian Cosmetics for Pets, Southern Dog & More.

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Brands: Poochie-Pets/PoochieBells, Max & Molly Urban Pets, Beco, Hownd, PetDreamHouse, Prestige Pets, Yuup! Italian Cosmetics for Pets, Southern Dog, Marly & Dan


  • Pink Velvet Restructuring & Moisturizing Serum
    Yuup! Silky & Restructuring Spray Serum, a must-have for grooming dogs and cats. Nourish and revitalize hair with a powerful formula of key ingredients: Volcanic Thermal Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Quaternised Keratin for healthier and more radiant coats!...

  • Introducing Yuup! Silky & Restructuring Spray Serum, the ultimate grooming solution for your furry companion. Formulated by Yuup!, the prestigious Italian professional grooming and cosmetics company, this serum caters to all breeds, and is perfect for pets with long hair. The transformative power of this nourishing serum effortlessly moisturizes, conditions, and revitalizes your pet's hair that, every day, will appear healthier, fuller, and more radiant.

    Enriched with a blend of key ingredients including Volcanic Thermal Water, Hyaluronic Acid, and Quaternised Keratin, this serum delivers deep hydration and replenishment. Its unique Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E lmond Oil and Vitamin E microspheres further enhance its nourishing properties.

    This versatile serum is ideal for pet owners at home and grooming professionals in a salon. Simply spray it on the dry coat and gently brush through to unlock its full potential. Yuup! Silky & Restructuring Spray Serum is a must-have for any pet grooming routine. The convenient 150ml size suits daily use. Treat your pet to luxurious and healthy hair with this grooming serum. Experience the Yuup! difference today!

  • Reef Ocean Friends Whimsical Dog Toys by Gor Pets
    Introducing Gor Reef, the soft, crinkly, squeaky dog toys from Gor Pets. Silly in design, fuzzy friends octopus, turtle, whale, starfish are perfect for play, cuddles, endless fun. Available in pastel colors and multiple sizes. Dogs love them!...

  • Discover the enchanting world of Gor Reef where whimsical playtime adventures come to life! Meet the delightful crew of Gor Reef friends: the lovable octopus, turtle, whale, and starfish. The soft, fuzzy, and irresistibly crinkly dog toys bring endless joy to your furry companion.

    Crafted with love and care by Gor Pets, a trusted UK-based company, each Gor Reef collection toy is silly and playful in appearance. Made of vibrant pastel colors and soft, squishy textures, the toys are a delight for dogs of all sizes.

    Irresistibly cute, the toys feature a hidden squeaker for extra playtime fun. Dogs carry, toss, and engage with their Gor Reef pals. At quiet times, the toys double as cozy companions for cuddling and snuggling.

    The Gor Reef collection is available in several sizes for dogs of various breeds and preferences. For your small or large furry friend, there's a perfect Gor Reef friend for their playtime adventures.

    Indulge your pet in the magic of Gor Reef. Watch them enjopy delightful escapades with their reef companions. With Gor Pets' commitment to quality and playfulness, these toys become cherished favorites in a dog's toy collection. Let the fun begin with Gor Reef!