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Otto Environmental  

Greenfield,  WI 
United States
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Otto Environmental is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the unique species found in animal science, zoos, and sanctuaries. With over 31 years of experience, our knowledge and resources allow us to provide the best solutions for the animals in your care, ranging from large enclosures to specialized enrichment products.

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Dog with Z2 Enrichment Toy
Dog with Zyro Enrichment Toy


  • Zyro Enrichment Toy
    The Zyro is an animal enrichment toy that spirals for more rolling, chewing, and rolling fun. Made in the USA from tough thermoplastic exclusively by Otto Environmental....

  • The Zyro is an exclusive Otto Environmental design. Made of tough, safe thermoplastic, the Zyro has spiral grooves that provide tactile and visual stimulation. Animals will bite, throw, nudge, and carry the Zyro. Smear the grooves with peanut butter, coconut oil, seeds, and fruit. Animals of all sizes will enjoy the challenge of licking, biting, and manipulating the tasty treats out of the spiral groove. Canids such as foxes, dogs, wolves, and jackals can safely gnaw the Zyro without harming gums or damaging teeth. Rabbits, rats, mice, and other rodents like to nudge and explore the grooved surface. Primates of all sizes including marmosets, langurs, chimpanzees, tamarins, and macaques enjoy holding, squeezing, and foraging food in the grooves. The Zyro is ideal as an interactive enrichment toy or a stress reliever during transport, temporary housing, during health checks. Autoclavable to maintain hygiene and IACUC standards in laboratory settings.


    • Available in red, green, and blue
    • Autoclavable
    • 4″ long x 3 1/2″ diameter
    • Use as a chew toy or food enrichment
    • Bounces and wobbles when thrown and rolled
    • Watch how me make it!
  • Zigg Enrichment Toy
    The Zigg is made with dogs and large animals (such as primates) in mind. Large toy for the toughest chewers. Comes with technical data for certification analysis....

  • The Zigg Enrichment Device is designed to satisfy the desire to chew, gnaw and lick. The Zigg is made of durable non-toxic thermoplastic that holds up to the most aggressive chewers. The bumpy surface has nubs and dimples, providing even more oral enrichment.  The Zigg is a favorite with dogs, wolves, coyotes, jackals, culpeo, and foxes. Primates like gibbons, langurs, baboons, mandrills, chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans use the Zigg as a toy to toss and chew, and as a comforting object to hold. Use the Zigg enrichment device in zoo, farm, shelter, laboratory, veterinary, and pet care settings as a safe and effective environmental enrichment tool.


    • Super-strong yet chewable
    • Autoclavable
    • Unique texture keeps animals interested
    • Made in USA, non-toxic and safe
    • Watch how we make it!
    • Available in red, blue, and green
  • Z2 Enrichment Toy
    Handles to carry…Large balls to chew! Dimples for added texture! Ideal for primates and canines....

  • The Z2 is designed especially for primates and canines. The unique twin-dimpled balls are joined by strong grab-bars. This allows for chewing, licking, throwing, and tugging behavior. The Z2 is chewable for oral stimulation but strong enough for a tug of war among dogs, wolves, and other canids as well as strong primates like gibbons, langurs, baboons, mandrills, chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, and macaques. This enrichment toy satisfies the desire to explore interesting textures as well as self-comfort through chewing and carrying a favorite object. The Z2 is a favorite with animals in zoos, veterinary clinics, enclosures, transport pens, and laboratory settings. Z2s have a material safety certificate and can be autoclaved to maintain hygiene and IACUC standards in laboratory settings.


      • Built for rough play
      • Safe for aggressive chewers
      • Made exclusively in the USA by Otto Environmental
      • Watch how we make it!
      • Autoclavable
      • Available in red, blue, and green
  • Zoy Enrichment Toy
    Tough and durable thermoplastic toy made in the USA exclusively by Otto Environmental....

  • Our exclusive Zoy enrichment toy has a unique shape that animals love to grasp, carry, lick and chew. The dimpled surface, bright color, and unique shape provides visual, tactile, and oral stimulation. Primates of all sizes such as capuchins, gibbons, marmosets, langurs, baboons, mandrills, chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, tamarins, and macaques will hold, carry, and toss the Zoy during playtimes. The Zoy stimulates interaction as a tug of war device for primates, canids like dogs, wolves, coyotes, jackals, culpeo, and foxes. Use the Zoy as a fun fetch toy when you interact with animals in your care. Pigs also find the Zoy a satisfying and comforting chew toy. Zoys can be autoclaved to maintain hygiene and IACUC standards in laboratory settings.


    • Bounces and rolls when tossed
    • Autoclavable
    • Suitable for many types of animals
    • Available in red, green, and blue
  • Otto Chew Helm
    The Otto Rubber Chew Helm is a great toy for medium to heavy chewers. Bright orange color pops in any setting and is made of extra-durable rubber to last longer than the other toys. Weighs 5 oz and measures 6" x 6" x 1"...

    • The Otto Rubber Chew Helm has 8 spokes for extra grip!
    • Tug, toss, and fetch!
    • Bright orange color and fun shape
    • Made for medium/heavy chewers

    Disclaimer: We advise that you always supervise the animal when playing with chew toys. No chew toy is absolutely indestructible!

  • Critter Feed Tube
    The Small Tube Feeder from Otto Environmental measures 7" in length and 1" in diameter. Removable caps on both ends to fill with your animal's favorite snack. As your animal manipulates and rolls the tube, treats will fall out. *No food included...

    • 7″ Length x 1″ Diameter
    • Plastic cylinder with removable rubber caps
    • Three 0.5″ holes for foraging treats