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We believe products for dogs should be designed as well and profoundly as products for humans.   

PAIKKA re-invents moments in dogs’ lives through inventive lifestyle products that are safe to use and equipped with uncompromised ergonomic and functional features. 

We deliver outstanding home and outdoor products for all seasons and life stages of dogs.

Brands: PAIKKA


  • PAIKKA Drying Coat Spa
    PAIKKA Drying coat Spa is designed to indulge the dog. Two layers of soft microfiber materials will help the pet to dry warmly and comfortably. The coat is easy to dress. High collar with push buttons adds to the comfort....

  • PAIKKA Drying Coat Spa is made of two layers of ultra-soft, high-quality microfiber material that will wrap your dog in ultimate coziness and keep them warm while drying the fur quickly. The absorbent fabric will dry the dog's fur quickly. SILVERPLUS® treatment on the fabric also fights off unwanted odors. 

    The coat's design with low back hem offers maximum coverage for the areas with thick coat. High collar with push buttons adds to the comfort and helps to absorb the moist even from the thickest lion-like manes.

    Key Features:

    • 2 layers of microfiber fabric.
    • Outer layer: beautiful waffle weave microfiber.
    • Lining: super soft and absorbent microfiber.
    • Silver treatment to inhibit odor causing bacteria and the growth of mildew or mold.
    • Sustainable aspect of SILVERPLUS®: fresh textiles even at low washing temperatures – less energy consumption and better CO2 balance.
    • High collar with push buttons.
    • Adjustable neckline.
    • Wrap around belt with adjustment.
    • Magnetic buckle .
    • Opening for tail.
    • Hanging loop.
  • PAIKKA Recovery Bed Cover
    The Far infra-red (FIR) helps recovery from workout by capturing the body heat and re-emitting FIR energy back to muscles. PAIKKA Recovery Bed Cover uses this technology to help the pet to recover and can turn any existing pet bed into a recovery bed....

  • PAIKKA Recovery Bed Cover turns any ordinary dog bed into a Recovery Bed. The Recovery Bed Cover is made of special Far infrared (FIR) emitting fabric that captures pet’s body heat and re-emits FIR energy back. FIR textiles are believed to boost recovery and to improve sleep. Recovery textiles have been utilized by human athletes and healthcare professionals as they’re known for their therapeutic effect. The PAIKKA Recovery Bed Cover uses the same technology to help the pet to recover in a similar manner, and can turn any existing pet bed into a recovery bed. The Cover is easy to slip on any dog bed. It packs down small, so it’s also easy to carry whilst travelling. At your destination you can fold a duvet and cover it with your pet’s own body boosting bed sheet.  Or if your pet has a favorite armchair or spot on the couch, you can conveniently place the cover over the seat cushion. 

  • PAIKKA Glow Leash
    PAIKKA Glow Leash is made of fluorescent material ensuring visibility in low light conditions. The leash absorbs light and then glows brightly in the dark. The waterproof material ensures a solid grip and easy maintenance....

  • Light Up the Night: The Fluorescent Leash for Safety and Style.

    Enhance the safety and enjoyment of your nightly walks with the PAIKKA Glow Leash. Crafted from fluorescent material, this leash absorbs light and glows brightly in the dark, ensuring visibility in low light conditions.

    The PAIKKA Glow Leash is not only visually striking but also designed with practicality and durability in mind. Made from waterproof material, it offers a solid grip, allowing you to maintain control even in wet or muddy conditions.

    We understand the importance of convenience, which is why we've included a poop bag attachment below the handle. Walk with ease, knowing that waste bags are always within reach. Additionally, this feature can also serve as an attachment point if you prefer to wrap and secure the leash over your shoulder.

    At PAIKKA, we prioritize the safety and quality of our products. All our harnesses and leashes undergo careful testing. The PAIKKA Glow Leash has been tested for tensile strength, giving you peace of mind that it can withstand even the most energetic pets.