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Paragon Grooming Education and Training

Grand Rapids,  MI 
United States
  • Booth: 4461

Struggle Finding Groomers?  STOP looking for Groomers and Grow Your Business by Growing Your Own Groomers!  Paragon offers comprehensive web-based grooming skills development programs that teach the art and science of pet grooming.  



  • Paragon's Guided Groomer Education and Training
    Web-Based Grooming Skills development program allowing retailers and pet services businesses to grow their grooming business by growing their own grooming staff!...

  • STOP looking for Groomers!  Grow Your Own! 

    The Paragon Guided Grooming Education and Training Program is the most comprehensive solution for growing your own dog grooming professionals.  

    Sound familiar?  Do you struggle finding Groomers?  Do you struggle managing the Groomers you have?  Do you have client demand for grooming services that you wish you had a solution for?  Instead of hoping and wishing a Groomer would come along who is experienced and would be a good fit in your culture, take control of your business and hire for attitude and allow Paragon to help you train them for the job!  

    Paragon has developed a proven system for delivering educational content and surrounding the learner with unparalled support.  Not only does Paragon help you grow your own grooming staff, we also guide your leadership and management team with resources you can use to find, hire, train, and retain grooming staff.  

    Why Offer Grooming?  Because grooming services drive foot traffic, frequency, loyalty, and additional purchases from your supplies store!  Pet Parents cannot get their dogs groomed online!  They need you to provide these services and you need them to see you as a 'one stop shop' for all their pets' needs, including their Hygiene needs with Grooming.

    Is grooming currently too much migraine for the money?  Let Paragon help you feel better about your grooming!