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Petique, Inc. is a women owned company specializing in non-toxic pet supplies and consumables to help your dogs, cats, and small animals live a longer and healthier life.  Our mission is to provide non-toxic pet products safe for your pets and to make our planet a cleaner place to live in for us and our future generations.

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  • Apollo Pet Stroller for Dogs, Cats and other Pets
    Petique's Apollo Pet Stroller features a unique built-in, sturdy ramp, and convertible canopy that provides sun protection and easy access for senior and disabled pets. It’s a luxury sprinter van of pet strollers that supports pets up to 133 LB....

  • Petique's Apollo Pet Stroller is designed to create a smooth and comfortable ride while supporting large dogs up to 133 LB. It is the luxury sprinter van of pet strollers with a built-in, sturdy ramp that's perfect for senior and disabled pets to enter and exit and a convertible canopy that also allows easy access for your pets while providing shade and protection from the sun. It's a versatile and stylish way to take your furry friends on the go! It features a sturdy frame, spacious cabin, quality mesh window, and a peek-a-boo window that allows your pet to stay cool and comfortable while enjoying the fresh air and scenery during your outdoor walks and adventures.

    For convenience and safety, the Apollo Pet Stroller comes with our renowned one-step dual rear brake system to keep the stroller securely in place when not in use and air-filled tires, which are naturally shock-absorbing, to create a smooth ride, especially for pets who have just gone through surgery. With the air-filled tires, you can also attach your bike and go biking or jogging! We added adjustable handles to make it more comfortable for humans to push their large dogs and a patented mat to insert pee pad just in case your pets cannot control their bowels.

    Petique's Apollo Pet Stroller benefits pets with anxiety and stress due to being around too many people or not being familiar with their environment. It benefits pets who are too old or unable to walk and humans who enjoy exercising and want to bring their pets with them.