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PETKIT is a high-tech company dedicated to designing and producing smart products for pets. We started with passion and have continued growing with strong products. The company has rapidly developed into one of the world's leading technology-engaged companies in the pet industry.

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  • PETKIT YumShare Solo with Camera- Smart Pet Feeder
    Experience the ease of creating personalized meal plans for your pets with our smart feeder. With its 1080p high-resolution camera, rest assured your pets will be fed on time, wherever you are. Step into their world and gain a fresh perspective!...

    • Capture Every Moment with Wide Angle and Night Vision- Witness your pets’ mealtime through crystal-clear 1080p landscape feeding records, live-stream videos, and auto-generated Vlogs, even in low-light conditions.
    • Advanced Privacy Protection- Personalize your camera's operating schedule with our intuitive app.

    • Customize Feeding Plans via APP- With the ability to schedule up to 10 meals per day, each serving a maximum of 1/2 cup, you have complete control over your pet's specific diet needs.
    • Engage in Seamless Communication with 2-Way Audio- Break barriers and bridge distances by engaging in real-time conversations with your pets.

    • Anti-blockage Technology- Compatible with different sizes of food, our feeder ensures smooth and precise food delivery with every serving.

    • Triple Fresh-lock System- Equipped with an auto-shut dispense exit, built-in desiccant box, and enhanced sealing strip, it prevents moisture and keeps the food dry and fresh for longer.

    • Never Miss a Meal with Dual Power System- With a week's worth of battery-operated food dispensing, your pets are fed on time and every time.
    • Food-grade 304 Stainless Steel

  • PETKIT Eversweet Max (Cordless)
    Discover the hassle-free hydration solution for your pets with our battery-operated automatic water fountain, designed to keep them refreshed with 24/7 access to clean and fresh water....

    • Up to 83 Days Cordless OperationExperience extended water flow, granting you more flexibility and convenience in choosing the perfect spot for your pet's hydration.

    • 108 oz Large CapacityEnsure your pet stays hydrated while you're away with our automatic water fountain, providing up to 16 days of continuous water supply.

    • Wireless Water Pump- Compared to the conventional water fountain, the wireless 3.0 pump adopted the magnetic induction power supply technology which eliminates any exposed wires to enhance electrical safety. It also includes anti-dry safety protection.

    • App ConnectionKeep track of your pet's daily water consumption to gain valuable health insights via PETKIT App. Receive alerts for low water levels and filter replacements, ensuring your pet's hydration needs are always met.

    • Upgraded Water Filtration SystemProvide your pets with purified and fresh water at all times using our advanced multi-stage water filtration system.

    • Detachable Modular DesignDesigned to make cleaning and maintenance effortless.  

    • 25 dB Ultra Quiet

    • Food-grade 304 Stainless Steel

  • PETKIT Occult Blood Test Mixed Cat Litter
    Introducing our revolutionary cat litter with hematuria detection particles! Experience daily self-inspection that detects early signs of 30+ urinary diseases in cats. Save on treatment costs and minimize physical discomfort with our innovative litter....

    • Accurate Blood Detection- Sensitivity to detect 1/100000 dilutions of blood. Rapid color changes in just 3 seconds. Results remain visible for over 7 days, ensuring reliable monitoring.

    • Softer and Comfortable Texture- 1.5mm fine tofu litter offers moderate support and a comfortable experience.

    • Dissolvable and Environmentally Friendly- It allows for effortless disposal by pouring into the toilet and flushing.
    • Low Cat Litter TrackingThe specially designed Granule Size and Texture minimizes tracking, reduces waste and helps maintain mess-free floors.

    • Food-grade Natural Materials- Made from residual peas and corn starch, our product is completely free from formaldehyde, ensuring zero irritation and maximum safety during use.
    • 99.9% Dust-free and Respiratory Friendly, Even with Extended Use
    • Form Hardy Clumping in Seconds for Easy Cleanup