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Uruguaiana,  Rio Grande do Sul 
  • Booth: 5375

Progato is the complete line of 100% NATURAL cat litter. Traditional in the pet market, it was founded in 1998 to meet the needs of the market that was looking for a differentiated solution to eliminate the odor of feline waste

Progato is the leader in the cat litter market in Brazil, in addition to export to more than 15 countries, including the US and Europe.

Brands: Clumping: Progato Classic, Progato Classic Scented, Progato Premium and Progato Super Premium; Progato Lightweight. Non-clumping: Ecosilica Natural, Progato White, Progato Sensitive, Progato White Scented, Progato Alerta, Progato for Rodents and Progato for Birds; Biodegradables: Progato Super Best, Progato BioBom, Progato BioBom Scented, Progato Pinus, Progato Vida Clean and Progato Vida Comfort.


  • Progato - New Releases
    Directly from Brazil, PROGATO arrives at SUPERZOO to present its newest releases to the American public. PROGATO VIDA, PROGATO ALERTA PROGATO LIGHTWEIGHT and EcoRice. The world of cat litter will never be the same....

  • PROGATO presents the four releases that further expanded the options for cats and tutors. The best and most varied line of cat litter is PROGATO.
    PROGATO VIDA, a biodegradable option in the tray.
    PROGATO launches the two versions of PROGATO VIDA – VIDA Comfort – greater comfort for the feline paws – and VIDA Clean – facilitates and maintains the cleanliness of the home. Produced from renewable plant sources, they offer high performance in clump formation and odor control. Comfort and practicality for cats and tutors.
    PROGATO LIGHTWEIGHT: more volume, same weight, higher performance
    PROGATO LIGHTWEIGHTt is a clumping cat litter that yields twice as much as other mineral-based granulates. With white color, PROGATO LIGHTWEIGHT is a spherical granule, comfortable for cats' paws. Compact clumps and practical cleaning of the tray.
    PROGAT ALERT: The Cat litter concerned about your cat's health.
    PROGATO ALERTA is the cat litter that alerts you to changes in the pH of feline urine by changing it color. pH Monitoring helps tutors and Veterinarians to identify possible kidney problems in the cat. Developed by our specialists, PROGATO Alerta is yet another PROGATO innovation.

    PROGATO ECORICE is another innovation from Progato aimed at expanding cat litter options to tutors, but also helping the environment.
    Progato EcoRice is a cat litter made from rice husks, which today represents one of the biggest environmental liabilities in Brazil.
    With excellent absorption and odor control, Progato Ecorice is yet another sustainable innovation from Progato.