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Carlisle SynTec Systems produces high-performance EPDM, TPO, PVC, and FleeceBACK® single-ply roofing membranes, a full line of polyiso and expanded polystyrene insulation, and a wide variety of solvent-based and low-VOC adhesives. With more than 55 years of manufacturing experience and billions of square feet of roofing materials sold, Carlisle continues to lead the industry by providing the best products, services, and warranty options available today. Carlisle’s manufacturing experience is reflected in its innovative, durable products, all of which are designed to enhance roof system performance.

Brands: APEEL, CAV-GRIP III, EcoStorm, RapidLock (RL), SunWeld, EPDM SAT, and VacuSeal.


SAT EPDM Membrane
VacuSeal Vent Secured Roofing System
FleeceBACK RapidLock (RL) TPO
CAV-GRIP III Low-VOC Adhesive/Primer

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  • Job Profile:

    • SQUARE FOOTAGE: 66,300 Hyperbolic Paraboloid
    • PROJECT DURATION: 3 Months
    • ARCHITECT: LaBella Associates
    • ROOFING SYSTEM: 115-mil FleeceBACK® EPDM membrane fully adhered with FAST™ Adhesive

    According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, evidence linking physical activity with improved academic performance and cognitive function continues to grow. In light of this, many universities are highlighting their fitness centers when recruiting new students and prioritizing the maintenance and enhancement of these facilities.

    When Clarkson University staff realized that their Indoor Recreation Center was experiencing deterioration in its rooftop structure, they leapt into action. Completing this project as quickly as possible—to ensure that construction could be completed between the fall and spring semesters—and selecting products that enhanced the energy efficiency of the aging building were paramount to the management at Clarkson.

    By May 2017, the Indoor Recreation Center was in need of a complete reroof, due to severe rooftop discoloration and multiple roof leaks throughout the facility. Clarkson University chose to work with LaBella Associates of Rochester, New York to design the new roofing system for this unique structure. One of the design challenges with this building was the structure of the rooftop itself, which was a 66,300-square-foot hyperbolic paraboloid.

    Because of this unique structure, the rooftop material chosen for this re-roofing project needed to be flexible, while also being durable and energy-efficient to protect the building and those inside from the extreme northern winters. With all of these elements in mind, a one-ofa-kind roofing system manufactured by Carlisle SynTec Systems was chosen: Carlisle’s FleeceBACK EPDM fully adhered roofing membrane.

    The design team knew that Carlisle’s FleeceBACK system would be able to provide the performance that Clarkson University needed for their recreation facility. Manufactured with a combination of Carlisle’s Sure-Seal® EPDM membrane laminated to non-woven polyester fleece backing, FleeceBACK EPDM provides industry-leading toughness, durability, and resistance to hail damage. The dark color of this membrane also offers maximum energy effi ciency in northern climates, reducing heat-related energy expenditure during the cold winter months.

    An additional benefit to using the FleeceBACK membrane was that it could be fully adhered to the underlying insulation, which meant that there would be no unsightly metal fasteners protruding through the membrane and detracting from the rooftop’s appearance. While the use of a fully adhered system improved the aesthetic appearance, it also increased the roofing system’s wind uplift resistance due to the strength of the adhesive and the reduced number of membrane seams present on the fully adhered system (as compared to a mechanically fastened system).

    The first step in this installation was tearing off the existing roofing membrane and installing new perimeter wood blocking around the existing wood deck. The installation crew from RSI Roofing then installed Carlisle’s 725TR vapor barrier directly to the wood deck using CCW-702 LV Primer.

    The next step was to mechanically install two layers of 2.6-inch polyiso insulation, followed by a half-inch layer of Carlisle’s SecurShield™ HD cover board, using metal fasteners and plates.

    Finally, the rooftop was ready for the new membrane. The installation crew applied a full spray of Carlisle’s FAST™ adhesive to the cover board, and then rolled out the 115-mil FleeceBACK EPDM membrane. The use of FAST adhesive added thermal efficiency to this already energy-efficient system for even greater environmental protection and reduced energy costs for Clarkson University.

    Once the membrane was in place, RSI added the finishing touch to this unique design by installation perimeter sheet metal with new gutters and downspouts. The entire rooftop installation took exactly three months and was completed in August 2017, just in time for returning students.

    With a five-meter swimming pool; a full-service fitness center; an indoor track; a tennis field house; a full weight room; tennis, volleyball, racquetball, and basketball courts; and locker rooms with Jacuzzis and saunas, Clarkson University students will have no excuse not to be in the best shape of their lives during their college careers. And with a roofing installation crew that had more than thirty years of industry experience, and a unique fully adhered, durable, and energy-efficient roofing system, Clarkson University’s Indoor Recreation Center will be standing under the harsh New York climate for years to come.

  • Job Profile

    • ROOFING CONTRACTOR: Roof Services Corporation
    • PROJECT DURATION: 3 Months
    • ENGINEER: Hentz Engineering, Inc.
    • ROOFING SYSTEM: 115-mil gray FleeceBACK KEE HP membrane fully adhered with FAST Adhesive

    If you have ever visited Norfolk, Virginia, you have probably seen the city’s popular maritime museum, Nauticus. Built in 1993, this contemporary museum features interactive exhibits that highlight and educate visitors on global maritime commerce.

    By 2016, the museum’s smooth-surface asphalt built-up roof system was in need of repair. The coating on the rooftop was failing, and significant leakage was inhibiting museum operations. In 2004, the roof membrane had been coated with a polyester fabric reinforced coating to address leakage and deterioration, and that coating was now failing. The coating system had delaminated, causing the reinforcing fabric to tear off the rooftop during high wind events, which happened frequently on the harbor.

    A team of experts from Hentz Engineering and Roof Services Corporation managed the 550-square-foot re-roofing project. The roofing system chosen was Carlisle SynTec’s 115-mil FleeceBACK® KEE HP membrane fully adhered with FAST™ Adhesive, which enabled the crew to meet the conditions and performance requirements of the existing roof without having to apply an additional coating.

    Combining a 55-mil fleece backing with a 60-mil KEE HP membrane, Carlisle’s FleeceBACK KEE HP offers extreme durability and resistance to the most severe weather conditions. The combination of FleeceBACK KEE HP membrane and Carlisle’s FAST™ 100 Adhesive was the ideal choice for Nauticus, as this system can withstand winds of up to 120 miles per hour, such as those often experienced by this beautifully designed harbor-side museum.

    This rooftop presented many unique challenges, not the least of which was the aesthetic requirements of the facility—the roof system needed to color-match the building’s metal wall panels, which Carlisle’s gray membrane did perfectly. Another challenge was the installation itself. The rooftop was separated into eleven sections, varying in height from 67 to 104 feet above grade. The roof system would also interface with the corrugated deep-rib, metal wall panels, as well as several large skylights and standing-seam metal roof systems. The coping on the roof system parapet walls were also color-matched and sealed to the wall panels. Not only was weather performance a factor, but maintaining and improving the aesthetic appeal of the museum was of critical importance in this project.

    During the installation process, the existing coating system was cut into sections and peeled off of the roofing membrane. In order to minimize installation costs, the built-up roof membrane remained in place, after it was determined that it could meet wind-uplift testing requirements, and cleaned thoroughly. The existing membrane was then primed with Carlisle’s CAV-GRIP™ Low-VOC Adhesive/Primer in preparation to serve as the substrate for Carlisle’s FleeceBACK membrane.

    In order to enhance the wind uplift resistance of the new rooftop assembly, the installation crew installed base sheet fasteners through the existing built-up assembly along the perimeter and corners of the rooftop. Once the rooftop was prepared, the FleeceBACK KEE HP membrane was fully adhered to the roof deck using FAST™ 100 Adhesive, applied in a ribbon pattern to the substrate, to provide maximum strength and long-term performance.

    One of the unique aspects of this application was the detailing of the rooftop, which allowed the FleeceBACK membrane to be applied continuously up the walls, eliminating any seams in the flashing details and providing mechanical securement of all roof-to-wall membrane transitions.

    This process required a number of installation steps. First, the existing sheet metal coping and counterflashing were removed; once these were removed, new flashing was installed, and the tops of the parapet walls were wrapped with fully adhered non-reinforced EPDM membrane. The coping metal was then reinstalled and sealed to the exterior metal wall panels with butyl tape sealant and gasket screws. At this point, strips of FleeceBACK KEE HP membrane were mechanically fastened along the roof perimeter at all roof-to-wall transitions.

    The FleeceBACK KEE HP rooftop membrane was then adhered to the mechanically fastened perimeter strips using FAST 100 Adhesive. The rooftop details were completed with PVC-coated metal and preformed PVC flashings to seal all penetrations, including conduits, vent pipes, and lightning protection equipment.

    In addition to premium strength, Carlisle’s FleeceBACK system provided the long-term performance and enhanced durability and weather resistance needed for this harbor location. Carlisle’s roofing system also provided the unique aesthetic appeal needed for a landmark that attracts many Norfolk residents and tourists. While the rooftop is complete, many other facets of construction are still underway. The newly outfitted and weatherized Nauticus is anticipated to be completed by June 2017. 
  • Job Profile

    • SQUARE FOOTAGE: 39,500
    • ROOFING CONTRACTOR: CEI Group – Michigan
    • PROJECT DURATION: 2 Months
    • CONSULTANT: WeatherTech Consulting Group
      • Sure-Flex PVC Contour Ribs
      • 135-mil gray FleeceBACK KEE HP PVC membrane
      • Full spray Flexible FAST
      • Two layers of 2.6”-thick Polyiso insulation.

    Huron High School is a public high school located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, near the banks of the Huron River. The school, which opened in 1969 and serves about 1,500 students in grades nine through 12, is shaped like an "H", with two convex wings adjoined by a two-floor archway. Notable Huron High alumni include Olympic medalists, professional athletes, journalists, a Presidential speech writer, and the creators of Adobe Photoshop.

    Sports are a big part of the culture at Huron High School. In addition to basketball, football, and baseball, students can participate in water polo, figure skating, and equestrian events. However, the dome-style roof over the gym was past its prime and had begun to leak. The decision was made to replace the old roof in the summer of 2018.

    The Huron High School gym roof is a large dome – approximately 39,500 square feet – with a unique built-in gutter that wraps all the way around its perimeter. The project would be complicated, so WeatherTech Consulting Group assisted with the design. Their main objective was to specify a high-quality, low-maintenance roof that would perform for a long time and stand up to the harsh Michigan weather, saving the school district money over the long term.

    They chose a FleeceBACK KEE HP PVC system adhered with Flexible FAST Adhesive because of its long service life, exceptional weatherability, flexibility, and toughness, and excellent resistance to wind uplift, hail, and punctures. PVC Contour Ribs, which simulate the look of a standing seam metal roof, were added to the design to give the dome an “architectural” look and to showcase the unique roof section.

    On a complex project like this one, picking the right roofer is critical. CEI Group, headquartered outside Ann Arbor, was selected to take on the job. CEI has been installing single-ply roofs since the 1970s and their veteran roofers provide a level of craftmanship and experience found at few roofing companies in the country. CEI’s wealth of knowledge allows them to take on any project, so over time, they’ve come to specialize in tough jobs that require teams who are highly skilled and knowledgeable about a wide range of roofing systems. 

    Upon examination of the leaky roof, the CEI crew discovered the existing insulation was a single layer of 1.5-inch-thick 4’ x 8’ boards that had been mechanically fastened to the concrete deck. Using large, flat 4’ x 8’ boards on a dome-shaped roof put a lot of strain on the fasteners, which eventually failed, so the insulation was no longer contouring to the roof deck and was pushing up against the membrane in some places. This caused localized failure of the membrane, and water had leaked into the roof system and the building in several spots.

    To begin the project, the existing roof system was torn off down to the domed concrete deck. Two layers of 2.6-inch-thick 4’ x 4’ Polyiso insulation were then mechanically fastened to the deck with the joints staggered.

    The next step was figuring out the best way to lay out the membrane. This was especially difficult because the roof is not flat, and the FleeceBACK membrane CEI installed is some of the thickest on the market. Gary from CEI embraced the challenge of devising a layout in which the membrane laid flat while wasting as little material as possible.

    Once the layout was finalized, the CEI crew adhered the membrane using Flexible FAST Adhesive. Flexible FAST is VOC-free, impact-resistant, and provides excellent wind uplift resistance in a totally non-penetrating application. After the sheets were securely in place and the seams had been welded, the crew installed the PVC Contour Ribs, which were spaced at 10 feet on center at the bottom of the dome and came to a small circle at the top.       

    The project took two months to complete and was done by the time students returned to class in the fall. With a fully adhered Carlisle FleeceBACK PVC system installed by one of the leading single-ply roofing contractors in the country, Huron High School students, athletes, and spectators will be protected from the elements for decades to come. 

  • Job Profile

    • PROJECT LOCATION: Klamath Falls, OR
    • SQUARE FOOTAGE: 42,000
    • BUILDING: iQor Customer Service Call Center 
    • ENGINEER: Hentz Engineering, Inc.
    • ROOFING SYSTEM: Carlisle FleeceBACK RapidLock (RL) EPDM
      • 2 ¼" EPS Flute Fill Insulation
      • ½" SecurShield HD
      • RL Coverboard

    Roofing in cold temperatures is challenging, if not absolutely impossible. Weather conditions, moisture accumulation, temperature restrictions on material application, and the health and wellbeing of contractors—to name just a few considerations—can make wintertime roofing applications expensive and compromise a rooftop’s potential for quality performance.  

    When the iQor customer service call center headquartered in Klamath Falls, Oregon, was in desperate need of reroofing, there was no time to wait for winter to pass. After experiencing years of roof leakage, the iQor team was considering relocating its headquarters, a decision which would have devastated the local economy. The local building owner, in collaboration with contractor JAM Roofing, chose to re-roof the 42,000-square-foot rooftop as quickly as possible.

    Considering the time of year, the required speed of installation, the regional climate, and the 4,200-foot elevation above sea level, JAM Roofing chose to use a new, innovative roofing system manufactured by Carlisle SynTec Systems: FleeceBACK® Rapid Lock (RL®) EPDM. 

    This revolutionary membrane attachment system creates a fully adhered EPDM roofing system without the use of adhesives. Featuring VELCRO® Brand Securable Solutions combined with Carlisle’s 115-mil FleeceBACK RL EPDM membrane, this innovative system provides the performance of a traditionally adhered system with the additional benefit of 80% labor savings compared to applications that use traditional bonding adhesives. Because it is an adhesive-less system, Carlisle’s FleeceBACK RL EPDM makes winter installations possible, eliminating the concern of temperature restrictions.

    Featuring Carlisle’s FleeceBACK RL EPDM membrane, this cutting-edge roofing assembly not only provided this project with the temperature flexibility needed for installation, it also providing industry-leading wind uplift performance and supreme resistance to punctures and hail. FleeceBACK RL EDPM membranes are manufactured using a patented hot-melt adhesive technology to bond the EPDM membrane to the fleece backing, which means the membrane is extremely tough and provides long-term durability, with warranty coverage of up to 20 years. Additionally, these membranes are manufactured with three-inch Factory-Applied Tape, which ensures consistent, high-quality seams on the rooftop and reduces the potential for leakage.

    When they arrived onsite at the iQor building, the installation crew from JAM Roofing was in for a surprise. The existing roofing system, which had been installed with the construction of the building in 1995, had been poorly patched beyond recognition. The roof was leaking at the seams and rust had begun to develop on the existing 22-gauge steel deck. It was no surprise that the building’s occupants were considering relocation after years of exposure to this leakage.

    This installation was unique as it had to be constructed from the top down to prevent any snow or ice from building up against the rooftop insulation and coverboard or seeping into the crevices of the steel deck. Once the existing roofing system was removed down to the deck, the first step in this application was to install Carlisle’s two-and-a-quarter-inch-thick EPS Flute Fill insulation, followed by a half-inch-thick SecurShield® HD RL coverboard, mechanically attaching both layers to the deck using 16 fasteners per board. This unique combination of insulation and coverboard would help to preserve the building’s thermal efficiency during the region’s cold winters.

    The installation crew laid the flute fill insulation securely against the steel deck, followed by the SecurShield HD RL coverboard, and mechanically fastened both layers. Once mechanical attachment was completed, the crew rolled out the 115-mil-thick FleeceBACK EDPM RL membranes in 10’x50’ and 10’x100’ rolls, removed the release film, and rolled the membrane into place with a 150-pound roller. The team utilized a unique method of removing the membrane release film without folding the EPDM over, which enabled them to install more than 100 squares per day with a five-person crew. The ease of this installation was further aided by the fact that this system is free of the VOCs and odors that often accompany traditional bonding adhesives.

    In addition to providing easy installation and long-term rooftop performance, this innovative roofing system had yet one more unique benefit for the iQor call center. The town of Klamath Falls typically receives a minimum of three to four feet of snowfall each year. This means that the snow falling on this rooftop must be removed several times each winter. Carlisle’s FleeceBACK RL EPDM system will make snow removal and rooftop maintenance much easier in comparison to other roof systems because the dark-colored EPDM membrane with underlying insulation will warm up more quickly than the rooftop’s steel deck, causing the snow to melt more quickly.

    The combination of skilled craftsmanship from the JAM Roofing team and long-term high-performance characteristics from Carlisle’s FleeceBACK RL EPDM system met the unique requirements of this challenging rooftop. Because of this laborsaving rooftop application, iQor will now be able to continue operations, and fuel the Klamath Falls economy, without the distraction and discomfort of rooftop leakage.

  • Job Profile

    • PROJECT LOCATION: Livermore Falls & Augusta, ME
    • CARLISLE APPLICATOR: G&E Roofi ng Company, Inc.
    • BUILDING OWNERS: Livermore Falls Building & Cives Steel Paint Shop
    • ROOFING SYSTEM: Carlisle Sure-Seal® EPDM

    With more than 14 billion square feet of membrane installed across the globe, EPDM has an impressive history of performance in the commercial roofing industry. EPDM has been utilized in the roofing industry since the 1960s, and continues to grow in popularity with today’s emphasis on long-term performance and sustainability. Numerous EPDM roofs installed in the ‘80s are still performing today—a fact that positions EPDM as one of the strongest and most durable single-ply membranes on the market.

    Carlisle SynTec Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of EPDM single-ply membranes and has been a pioneer in the development of EPDM technology over the last five decades. While EPDM has exhibited strong physical characteristics since its inception, it has also undergone many technological advances, and Carlisle has been at the forefront of these advances. In the 2000s Carlisle pioneered EPDM membranes with factory-applied seam tape, providing improved seam quality and a quicker application. In the following years, Carlisle added 90-mil membranes to their standard membrane offering, along with a variety of pressure-sensitive, prefabricated accessories. All of these advances have improved the lifecycle performance, energy savings, and installation efficiency of EPDM membranes.

    Longevity is one of EPDM’s most distinguishing characteristics. A recent long-term weathering study cited by the EPDM Roofing Association (ERA) examined five roofing systems, all with 28 to 32 years of in-field service, and concluded that the systems were not only performing up to industry standards but in some cases performing with physical properties that exceeded those of newly produced EPDM membranes.

    In addition to testing 30-year-old EPDM membranes, the ERA study heat-aged the 30-year-old samples to simulate another 10 years of rooftop exposure; then, the heat-aged EPDM samples were re-tested for tensile strength, thickness, and factory seam strength. The testing found that in all categories, the majority of the samples exceeded the minimum property characteristics of aged EPDM and in some cases exceeded the minimum properties for new EPDM membrane.

    There have been many studies conducted on the performance and physical properties of EPDM membranes, but nothing proves quality and longevity like time-tested performance in the real world. Carlisle’s Sure-Seal® EPDM is monolithic by nature and boasts more than three decades of proven field experience on the projects highlighted below.

    34 years old and still performing - In December 1980, the Livermore Falls Building in Livermore Falls, Maine was in desperate need of a new roof. The existing built-up roofing system was nearly 30 years old and failing rapidly. At the time, built-up roofs were one of the most popular commercial roofing systems, and EPDM was just coming to the forefront of the industry. Though EPDM was a newer product, testing had already shown that it would be an extremely durable membrane, and G&E Roofing Company, Inc. decided to re-roof the 8,000-square-foot building with Carlisle’s Sure-Seal EPDM membrane. G&E had been installing Carlisle membranes since 1978 and was already familiar with the quality and longevity of Carlisle products.

    G&E’s team began by tearing off the existing built-up roof down to the metal deck. Their next step was to install two layers of one-inch perlite insulation board before rolling out the 45’x100’ sheets of EPDM membrane and spreading an inch and a half of stone ballast. The rectangular rooftop featured numerous obstructions, including a chimney and three HVAC units, which the team detailed using field-fabricated EPDM accessories (pressure-sensitive and pre-fabricated accessories had not yet been invented). The entire installation was completed in less than four months and was awarded a 10-year Carlisle Golden Seal Total System Warranty as well as a 15-year material-only warranty.

    31 years old and still performing - In October 1981, G&E was awarded another re-roofing project at the Cives Steel Paint Shop in Augusta, Maine. Having successfully installed Carlisle’s Sure-Seal EPDM months earlier on the Livermore Falls Building, G&E decided to use the same membrane on this 9,600-square-foot rooftop. Carlisle’s EPDM had proven to be flexible and easy to install on the previous project, and G&E knew it would enable them to finish this project quickly while providing Cives with a high-quality roofing system. The G&E team began by completely tearing off the existing smooth-surface built-up roofing system. Once the existing system was removed, G&E fastened five inches of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation directly to the metal deck, and then installed the EPDM membrane in 20’x100’ and 45’x50’ sheets. Field-fabricated accessories were used to complete the roof details, and the ballasted system was finished with an inch and a half of stone loose-laid on top of the membrane.

    This roof was completed in a record time of nine days, which G&E attributed to the ease of installation provided by the EPDM membrane’s flexibility and convenient roll sizes. This roof has stood the test of time, requiring only minor repairs, the most recent of which occurred in May 2014, when edge metal and drain details were upgraded with pressure-sensitive flashings.  EPDM remains repairable throughout its long life, another important attribute that speaks to the sustainability of this roofing system.

    These two projects provide an unparalleled and undeniable exhibit of the strength and long-term durability of EPDM membranes. However, longevity is not the only benefit of this membrane— EPDM also has extremely low lifecycle costs, excellent hail and puncture resistance, and, according to EPA’s TRACI model, the lowest global warming potential and acid rain and smog impact among the popular roofing membranes available today. Considering the overwhelming evidence from physical property testing and real-world performance of 30-year-old membrane, it would seem that EPDM, one of commercial roofing’s oldest technologies, is still one of the most sustainable systems, providing unmatched value to the building owner and the environment. 

  • Job Profile

    • SQUARE FOOTAGE: 90,000
    • CARLISLE APPLICATOR: Twin City Roofing
    • ROOFING SYSTEM: Carlisle SynTec Systems .090 black HotMopped FleeceBACK® AFX EPDM with Factory Applied Tape™

    Known as the “World’s Foremost Outfi tter,” Cabela’s has built a solid reputation within the outdoor community by providing the most reliable products and supplies for any situation. From hunting and fishing equipment to tents, sleeping bags and ponchos, Cabela’s offers a full line of premium products that offer protection against even the harshest elements.

    Unfortunately for Cabela’s, none of its products were equipped to handle a violent storm that severely damaged the roof on one of its distribution warehouses in Sydney, Nebraska, last spring. The warehouse featured a mechanically fastened, single-ply roof system that covered an old, worn out built-up roof (BUR).

    The storm ripped off one-third of the existing membrane, leaving the BUR system exposed to the elements. The roof immediately began to leak and offi cials at Cabela’s knew something had to be done quickly or thousands of dollars in merchandise would be ruined. As a quick fix, Mike Allard, Cabela’s facilities construction manager hired a local roofing contractor to cover the exposed BUR with felt. Although the felt kept the building from experiencing excessive
    leakage, Allard knew a more permanent solution had to be implemented. “We were under a lot of pressure to repair the roof as quickly as possible,” said Allard. “Even with the felt, the roof was leaking pretty badly and a large portion of the merchandise in the warehouse had to be moved to avoid being damaged.”

    Working closely with Greg Ham of Coastal Specified Products, a Carlisle SynTec manufacturer’s representative, Allard chose to reroof the 90,000 square-foot warehouse with a 90-mil, HotMopped FleeceBACK EPDM system from Carlisle. Allard is familiar with Carlisle’s products, having used them extensively during a previous job with another national retailer.

    “Carlisle was the only roofing product we specifi ed at my previous job. I am confi dent in the Carlisle brand because I know they manufacture a quality product at a competitive price,” said Allard. “We considered a number of options, but the HotMopped FleeceBACK system offered the quickest, most cost-effective
    solution to our problem,” he added.

    The HotMopped system provided Cabela’s with a durable roofing solution that offers the redundant protection of hot asphalt and a thick FleeceBACK EPDM membrane. Carlisle developed the HotMopped system, which utilizes a patented AFX fleece that inhibits asphalt bleed through, as an ideal recovery method for old BUR and modifi ed bitumen roof systems. To install the HotMopped system on the warehouse, Allard called on Twin City Roofing, an authorized Carlisle
    applicator from Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Twin City had worked with Cabela’s in the past and has been installing Carlisle roof systems for over 20 years, so they had the knowledge and experience that Cabela’s was looking for. Because of the severity of the rooftop damage, Twin City was under extremely tight deadlines to complete the roofing project as quickly as possible. The HotMopped system was a natural fit for such deadlines because it could be installed directly overtop of the warehouse’s old BUR system.

    “Cabela’s wanted to continue occupying the building during the re-roofi ng project, so we had to be as neat as possible,” said Terry Schank, president of Twin City Roofing. “If we would have removed the existing built-up roof system when we tore off the damaged membrane, there would have been a big mess within the building and operations inside would have been adversely affected.”

    To minimize internal disruptions Twin City broke the roof into sections, tearing off and replacing the roof in one section before moving onto the next. Unlike many alternative roofing systems, the installation of the HotMopped system required very few steps. Twin City simply removed what was left of the damaged membrane, primed the existing BUR with cut-back asphalt primer, waited 30 to 60 minutes for the primer to dry, applied a layer of hot asphalt and laid the new FleeceBACK AFX membrane directly into the hot asphalt.

    In order to complete the installation within the desired timeframe, Twin City utilized a Garlock™ 57-inch dual-path asphalt spreader for the asphalt application. Co-developed with Carlisle for use with its HotMopped systems, the Garlock spreader provides consistent coverage and a 57-inch-wide application of hot asphalt that fully adhered the 10-foot-wide membranes in just two passes.

    According to Schank, the large, rectangular warehouse roof featured very few penetrations, allowing his crew to spread a large amount of asphalt in a short period of time. Compared to the traditional method of spreading asphalt with handheld mops, Schank was surprised at the increase in production due to the Garlock spreader.

    “We’ve installed Carlisle’s HotMopped system in the past, but we’ve never used the Garlock spreader,” said Schank. “We were able to complete 70 to 80 squares of tear off and replacement per day. Doing it the traditional way [with mops] we would have only completed about 30 squares per day.”

    Another timesaving feature of the HotMopped FleeceBACK system was Carlisle’s innovative Factory-Applied Tape (FAT™), which is standard on all FleeceBACK EPDM membranes. FAT is applied directly to the membrane in a factory-controlled setting and has been proven to reduce seaming time by 75 percent compared to traditional seaming methods. Schank said Twin City never would have fi nished the roof as quickly as they did without the FAT. “It was so easy to use. The Factory-Applied Tape allowed us to seam the membranes as soon as we laid them down, which really saved us time,” he said.

    While Schank couldn’t stop raving about the ease and simplicity of the HotMopped system, Allard was impressed by how quickly the project was completed. From start to finish, the 90,000 squarefoot re-roofing project took Twin City only 30 days to complete.

  • Job Profile

    • PROJECT LOCATION: Wright City, MO
    • ROOFING CONTRACTOR: Missouri Builders Service
    • PROJECT DURATION: 2.5 Months
      • 115-mil Gray FleeceBACK KEE HP
      • PVC fully adhered with Flexible
      • FAST Adhesive, Sure-Flex PVC
      • Contour Rib Profile 
      • HP-H Polyiso flute filler 
      • 1.5" fl at HP-H Polyiso
      • ½" SecurShield HD

    The standing seam metal roof on Wright City Middle School was only 10 years old when the school district called on Missouri Builders Service and Carlisle SynTec Systems for their help.

    The school’s existing metal roof system, which was not purchased from Carlisle or installed by Missouri Builders, was leaking, its paint finish was failing in highly visible areas, and it no longer insulated the building properly.

    Installed in 2004, Wright City Middle School’s standing seam metal roof was comprised of eight roof areas of various elevations with a 4/12 pitch and decorative dormers. By 2014, something had to be done about the failing roof system, but, due to time constraints and the environmental cost of demolition and disposal, tearing off the existing roof was not an option. Instead, the Wright City school board, Superintendent, and Director of Maintenance made the decision to re-cover the existing roof with a Carlisle SynTec Systems FleeceBACK KEE HP PVC adhered roofing system with Contour Rib™ Profiles. Missouri Builders Service, a recipient of Carlisle SynTec’s ESP and Perfection Award due to their consistent record of top-quality installations, was the contractor selected to carry out the project.

    To replicate the appearance of the existing metal roof, Carlisle’s Sure-Flex™ PVC Contour Rib Profile would be hot-air welded to the membrane’s surface in a parallel pattern. Manufactured from the same weather-resistant compound as Carlisle’s Sure-Flex PVC, Contour Rib provides the aesthetic appeal of a standing seam metal roof at a lower cost than conventional metal roofing.

    The product is dimensionally stabilized and strengthened by a 1⁄8" fiberglass reinforcing cord that runs the length of each 10-foot-long section, and its non-penetrating application has no effect on the roof’s watertight integrity.

    Advantages of Carlisle Products

    Wright City Middle School’s decision to go with Carlisle’s FleeceBACK KEE HP PVC membrane adhered with Flexible FAST™ Adhesive was based on a number of reasons. FleeceBACK KEE HP PVC membrane is heat-weldable, allowing for reduced construction time and reduced noise during installation. The product offers high wind uplift performance, excellent fi re resistance, and meets ENERGY STAR® qualification guidelines. The membrane’s solid KEE HP plasticizer improves chemical resistance and reduces dirt pick-up for a clean finish.

    Flexible FAST Adhesive is a patented impact resistant, energy absorbing, elongating foam adhesive offering up to 150% elongation and 33-50% greater puncture resistance than non-flexible adhesives. Flexible FAST Adhesive boasts exceptional thermal efficiency, with each layer adding R-value, thereby dramatically improving insulation. Because of the quick application, minimal disruption to building occupants, low noise and low odor associated with a FleeceBACK with Flexible FAST system, it is an excellent choice for re-roofing projects.

    SecurShield™ HD provides savings in labor and material on projects that would typically require adhesive for attachment of a cover board to Polyiso. Fewer layers of adhesive translate to less labor, providing higher profits on roof installations. SecurShield HD offers improved resistance to high winds up to 1-285, achieves Factory Mutual’s SH-1 severe hail rating. SecurShield HD’s glass facers provide inherent moisture resistance and is highly resistant to mold, passing ASTM C1338 Standard Method for Determining Fungi Resistance of Insulation Materials and Facings.

    Quality Products Plus Expert Workmanship Equals Success

    Faced with time constraints, specific color choices, and odd dimensions, Missouri Builders Service began the project by installing nailers and edge blocking. The roof’s poor condition forced them to mechanically fasten the HP-H Polyiso flute filler. The remaining flat stock Polyiso and Carlisle’s ½" SecurShield HD were adhered with spray-applied Flexible FAST.

    Missouri Builders then installed the FleeceBACK KEE HP PVC membrane, followed by shop-formed metal featuring a design similar to Carlisle’s SecurEdge™ 1000 and termination bar, with a snap-on cover to match. The Contour Rib Profile was installed to complete the project.

    The Right Choice

    Upon completion, the roof was inspected by a Carlisle field service representative. During inspection, the quality workmanship that is characteristic of Missouri Builders’ installations was apparent. Wright City Middle School received a 20-year Total System Warranty that covers both labor and material.

    With the use of Carlisle materials, the project was completed quickly and no tearoff was necessary. Additional insulation increased the R-value significantly, improving energy-efficiency of the roofing system. The contractor was able to maintain the original look of the roof while vastly improving its aesthetics.


  • EcoStorm VSH Coverboard
    EcoStorm VSH is an engineered composite building material made from a blend of plastic and cellulose fiber sourced from post-industrial and post-consumer waste streams. It is a durable, mold resistant building material....

  • Convienience

    • Extreme moisture and mold resistance
    • Excellent option for re-roofing over existing built-up system


    • Breakthrough compressive strength of 3900psi


    • Factory Mutual Very Severe Hail (VSH) approved cover board
  • Sure-Seal EPDM SAT Non-Reinforced Membrane
    Carlisle’s Sure-Seal EPDM SAT (Self-Adhering Technology) Non-Reinforced Membrane offers excellent weatherability and hail resistance, provides significant labor savings, and qualifies as a Low-VOC option with nosolvent-related odors....

  • Convenience

    • Minimize disruption on occupied buildings from the speed of installation and a lack of bonding adhesive odor
    • Splices are completed with factory applied tape
    • 50’ or 100’ sheet lengths available


    • Dark colored EPDM reduces heating costs which are generally 3-5 times greater than cooling costs


    • Over 60 years of proven EPDM membrane performance
    • Time-tested and trusted 30-mil butyl splice tape
    • Industry leading UV and hail resistance
    • Full 60-mils of weathering resistance with no internal scrim
  • VacuSeal Vent Secured Roofing System
    VacuSeal V2T Vent, Sealant Tape, and Air Distribution Strips together offer a system that leverages the power of the wind to hold the roof securely in place without the use of adhesives and fasteners....

  • Convenience

    • Minimize noise disruption during installation by eliminating the need for equipment or screwing into the roof deck
    • No fumes or odors from adhesives
    • Reduce the timeline for re-roofing projects with quick and easy installation


    • Performance of a fully adhered system with the cost savings comparative to a ballasted system
    • Ecofriendly with no VOC’s


    • VacuSeal systems are designed for optimal wind uplift resistance
    • Long term performance with warranty options up to 20 years
  • CAV-GRIP III Low-VOC Adhesive/Primer
    CAV-GRIP III can be used for a variety of applications: adhering FleeceBACK, standard Sure-Weld TPO and EPDM membrane to vertical walls, enhancing the bond between Carlisle’s VapAir Seal and various substrates, and priming unexposed asphalt....

  • Convenience

    • Fast application and set up saves time and labor costs compared to traditional bonding adhesive
    • Easy setup and cleanup


    • Low odor and low-VOC
    • Excellent option for adhering TPO and EPDM to horizontal and vertical surfaces and all FleeceBACK membranes to vertical surfaces


    • Can be used in systems warranted up to 30 years
    • Can be used in temperatures as low as 25°F when used as an adhesive
    • Can be used in temperatures as low as 15°F when used as a primer
  • SunWeld Plus Dynamic Dome Skylight
    Engineered to closely match the angles of the sun during low-light periods to harvest more sunlight to transfer indoors, the Dynamic Dome offers uncompromising strength and a visually stunning design....

  • Convenience

    • Available in 18 standard sizes for fast turnaround times
    • No curb tape or caulking required for installation
    • Indented frame design provides simple carry touch-point


    • Unique dome design is engineered to capture more daylight in the early morning and late afternoon, thereby maximizing energy savings by reducing electric light usage


    • Manufactured using 50-year silicone for superior protection
    • Proprietary condensation wicking system
    • Unique one-piece inner frame evacuates all water/condensation harmlessly to the exterior
    • Extended warranties covering up to 20-years leak-free and 15-years of hail damage 
  • FleeceBACK RapidLock (RL) Roofing System
    The RapidLock system utilizes VELCRO® Brand Securable Solutions provides a fully-adhered EPDM, TPO, or PVC system without the use of adhesives. No stirring of adhesives or waiting for flash-off required....

  • Convenience

    • Adhesive-less system saves time and labor
    • Integrated with an adhered slip sheet for ease of installation
    • No application temperature restrictions


    • VOC- and odor-free


    • Factory Mutual wind uplift ratings comparable to traditional fully adhered single-ply systems
    • Excellent resistance to hail and punctures
  • APEEL Protective Film
    APEEL Protective Film application guards the TPO membrane’s surface from scuffs and dirt accumulation during installation, improving the roof system’s appearance and long-term performance....

  • Convenience

    • Saves time and labor costs by eliminating the need for roof cleaning or pressure-washing upon project completion
    • Durable and easy to remove
    • Makes it easy to identify places to check for cuts or punctures that happened during construction


    • Delivers a great solution for tear offs and re-covers over Mod Bit and BUR roofs


    • Guards the TPO membrane’s surface from scuffs and dirt accumulation during installation
    • Maintains the reflectivity and aesthetic value of the new TPO roof

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