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All the financing options your customers need —
under one roof.

We know the hardest part in selling roofing repair or replacement isn’t convincing a customer they need it — it’s helping them figure out how to pay for it. Financing through Mosaic makes it easy.


The Home Improvement Loan program —
that’s hard to improve upon.

Whether your goal is increasing sales, simplifying operations, or getting paid fast, Mosaic is redefining the financing experience, helping your customers quickly finance their home improvement projects. 

Why contractors and homeowners choose financing through Mosaic: 

  • Instant pre-approval decisions with soft credit checks from any device
  • Interactive proposal tool and payment estimator at your fingertips
  • Next-day funding and staged funding
  • Easy project tracking and scope changes
  • Financing between $2,500 to $55,000
  • 5- to 12-year terms with a range of competitive APRs and low monthly payments
  • Deferred interest option and no prepayment penalties
  • No hidden costs, no swipe fees

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Home Improvement Loans through the Mosaic platform are made by WebBank,
Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender. 


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  • Having an effective sales process is at the core of your success as a contractor, and chances are you’ve made a few (or many) changes to it over the years. In addition to learning what works and what doesn’t, you’ve got to dial in changing homeowner expectations along with emerging new opportunities as the home improvement industry evolves.

    Mosaic has built our home improvement financing platform to be as flexible and intuitive as possible so that it fits seamlessly into your existing process regardless of how you currently sell. But it also gives you the option of a new and potentially game-changing way to integrate the availability of financing options into your process: as a sales tool, not just a closing tool.

    Let’s take a look at how the pre-approval option offered in the Mosaic point-of-sale app lets you insert the availability of financing options into the conversation sooner – and close bigger deals with happier and more satisfied customers.

    How Pre-Approval Works

    In many sales processes, the topic of financing is often introduced when you’re closing. In other words, you’ve already settled on a scope of work and a cost estimate, and now it’s time to figure out how to pay for it. This makes sense, but at the same time it makes the conversation potentially stressful – after all, the fate of the project you’ve already planned is at stake, and in a typical loan application process your customer may face a ‘hard’ credit check that could impact their credit score.

    The pre-approval feature available through the Mosaic platform lets you flip this process on its head and lead with financing in a much less stressful way, with no risk and major benefits for both you and your customer. Here’s how it works:

    1. With your customer’s permission, you send them a text message that allows them to connect to Mosaic’s secure financing portal.
    2. Your customer enters their social security number, date of birth, and annual income – privately, without having to give you any information.
    3. The homeowner receives an instant credit evaluation with a soft credit check that does not impact their credit score.
    4. Approved homeowners are presented with a pre-approved maximum loan amount, along with a menu of term and pricing options, preselected by your company based on which you’ve opted to make available.

    Mike O’Connell of Mosaic’s sales team recommends introducing this option early on and emphasizing the fact that the soft credit check makes this a no-risk process. For example, he says, a contractor might say to their customer: “Many customers like to look at loan financing options they are pre-approved for at no risk to their credit. If you’re comfortable, I just need you to respond YES to a text message to look at those options.” Allowing the customer to verify their identity and details on their own phone adds a layer of security and comfort.

    It’s a fast, easy process, but it can completely transform your sales conversation. First, being able to know whether financing will be available without having to risk a hard credit pull eliminates a major potential stress point right upfront. That additional comfort level alone can go a long way towards establishing trust and rapport with homeowners.

    But that’s not all.

    How Pre-Approval Changes the Conversation

    Pre-approving your customer for financing also changes their fundamental ask, from “what home improvements do I think I might be able to afford?” to “what home improvements do I want, now that I know more about what level of financing is available to me?”

    For example, imagine visiting a homeowner that wants a roof replacement – but they’re also complaining about gutters that get clogged every fall. You’ve given a ballpark estimate of $20,000 for the roof, but your customer has been pre-approved through Mosaic for up to $55,000 in financing. Now, you have an opportunity to discuss the benefits of adding gutter guards – or even the designer shingles your customer was admiring – with confidence that sufficient financing is available.

    Introducing financing options has another benefit for you and your customer: it changes the conversation from the total price tag to monthly payments, thanks to the simple interest rate loans offered through Mosaic. In this example, you can present the oversized gutters as an additional $20 a month, instead of adding $2,000 to the cost. This gives your customers a more realistic expectation for what this project will mean for their monthly budget and mirrors the familiar experience of looking at monthly mortgage payments when they first bought their house.

    Larger ticket sizes and commissions are great for contractors too, of course! But first and foremost, this type of sales process is about maximizing your customer’s satisfaction. It allows them to choose the home improvements that they want, with a more accurate idea of how they’ll pay for it, and all through a secure process they can trust. This kind of great customer experience generates return customers, glowing reviews, and referrals, making it a true win-win for both of you.

    Click here to learn more about how to become a Mosaic contractor partner. 

    Home Improvement Loans through the Mosaic platform are made by WebBank, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender. 

  • You’ve got a world of possibilities to consider when renovating your home. You need to think about not only your design sensibilities – farmhouse chic or mid-century modern? – but also your values, through choices like sustainable materials and energy efficiency.

    You also need to think about how you’re going to pay for these home improvements, and homeowners today have more options than ever. As a result, they’re increasingly looking beyond traditional home equity loans and HELOCs to financing alternatives that are faster, smarter, or offer other advantages.

    Mosaic is part of this revolution in home improvement financing, with a simple, user-friendly platform that allows contractors to offer homeowners access to loans with instant pre-qualification decisions for select renovations. However, a new survey indicates that another method of financing is gaining steam these days: credit cards. Let’s dig into this trend and compare the two.

    Who’s Paying for Renovations With Credit Cards – and Why

    A recent survey by Houzz revealed a major rise in the use of credit cards for renovations. In 2017, homeowners charged $141 billion in home improvement products and services, a 69% increase from 2011. All told, nearly a third of home improvements were paid for at least in part with credit cards.

    While those topline findings are striking, there’s a lot more to dig into in this survey. Here are a few trends that stood out:

    DIY vs Pro: About 80% of this credit card spending was at home improvement retailers, while just 20% was for home improvement service providers like pro contractors. This makes sense, since service providers are usually called in for bigger jobs – and a contractor will probably be able to suggest other financing options.

    The Millennial Choice: While homeowners across all age groups are contributing to this trend, 41% of millennials (age 25 to 34) used credit cards to finance home improvements, the largest share of any age group. While the survey doesn’t delve into the reasons why, it’s not hard to guess at least one – as we discussed on our blog comparing Mosaic loans to home equity financing, younger homeowners have typically paid off less of their mortgage and thus have less access to the traditional home equity financing stream.

    Speed and Simplicity Most Important Factors: The #1 reason cited for using credit cards for home improvement financing was quick access to funds (38%), followed closely by ease of use (35%). This emphasis on speed and simplicity can be even more important than cost; the average of all credit card interest rates was 14.14% as of May 2018 according to WalletHub, significantly higher than typical home equity-secured financing options as well as personal loans in many circumstances (depending on the lender and the borrower’s financial situation).

    Overall, it’s safe to say that while credit cards are clearly on the rise, they aren’t always necessarily the best solution. If you’re doing a spontaneous weekend DIY project and are confident you can quickly pay off the bill before too much interest accrues, then credit card financing makes plenty of sense.

    However, if you’re hiring someone to replace your HVAC system and need to pay for it over a couple of years, there are probably less expensive options out there than putting it on your credit card.

    Comparison With Home Improvement Loans Through Mosaic

    That’s where the home improvement loans through Mosaic comes in. Our industry-leading solar loan platform has financed over $2 billion in home solar installations, and now we’re enabling contractors to offer access to loans for home improvement projects like roofing, doors, windows, HVAC, and more.

    By providing access to renovation financing through Mosaic’s platform, our contractor partners help homeowners avoid some of the pitfalls of credit cards while offering similar advantages:

    Lower Interest Rates: You’ve saved up a long time for your house – why pile on expensive credit card debt in the process of turning it into your home? Standard installment loans offered through Mosaic currently (as of January 2019*) feature APRs from 4.99% to 11.24%, less than the 14.14% historic average and significantly less than the APRs of new credit cards, which range from 14.41% to 22.57% depending on creditworthiness (as of January 2019).

    Instant Pre-Qualification Decisions: We understand the desire for fast financing that is driving the rise of credit cards. After going through the long process of applying for a traditional mortgage and closing on a new home, who wants to go through another long application process for a HELOC? That’s why our mobile app-enabled loan platform provides homeowners with instant pre-qualification decisions, so contractors can close on renovation projects with financing secured on the spot.

    Flexible Payment Schedule: The Houzz survey shows a wide range of planned payment schedules for homeowners using credit cards, with the majority planning to repay between 2 months and 2 years. Again, we get it: when it comes to your finances, flexibility is a huge advantage. Financing through Mosaic’s platform allows homeowners to spread renovation costs over a longer period of time, with terms of 5, 7, 10, or 12 years – but they can also pay loans off early if they choose, with no prepayment penalties.

    Pro Contractors You Can Trust: Just like our solar financing platform, we vet all of our home improvement contractor partners to ensure that a loan through the Mosaic platform isn’t just about financing – it’s about a home improvement process you can trust from start to finish.

    Home improvement financing decisions are as personal as our homes, and there’s no one-size-fits-all choice. However, by bringing the same kind of streamlined, user-friendly loan experience to home improvement that we’ve brought to home solar, our contractor partners can offer homeowners access to a new and truly modern solution that combines the speed of credit cards with the lower interest rates of more traditional financing options.

    Partnering With Mosaic

    If you’re a home improvement pro, there’s one more finding from that Houzz survey that might catch your eye. While 54% of homeowners paid for renovations with only cash or other personal finances, 37% of them would have considered a better financing option if it were available.

    In many cases, that better financing option might be home improvement loans through Mosaic – and the ability to offer access to them can give your company a competitive advantage. Not only that, but our user-friendly mobile app lets you easily and seamlessly integrate our home improvement financing platform into your sales process. Click here to learn more and apply now!

    * Annual percentage rates are valid as of January 22, 2019 and are subject to change.

  • OAKLAND, Calif.Oct. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Making the modern home possible by providing financing to homeowners for home improvement projects, Mosaic announced today the launch of its new point of sale app that allows professional home improvement contractors to provide a clean, simple financing experience to homeowners. Contractors can originate and complete a homeowner's loan application on any device in just a few minutes. The application experience is completely customizable and allows homeowners to understand their financing options, terms and estimated monthly payments all in one place.

    Mosaic's app empowers home improvement contractors to grow their business by differentiating their offerings from the competition and upselling services. By making the financing worry-free for everyone, contractors can focus on providing great service and building their business.

    "Today's announcement represents the beginning of the next chapter in empowering homeowners to finance the modern home of their dreams," said Billy Parish, founder and CEO, of Mosaic. "With the launch of our new app, Mosaic gives  our pro contractor partners the ability to provide simple, easy-to-understand financing to their customers for home improvement projects."

    "Mosaic's point of sale app is a gamechanger for contractors because it makes the financial part of any home improvement project simple and seamless," said Matthew Bratsis, General Manager for Business Development of Manufacturer Partners at EGIA. "This technology makes the experience for both pro contractors and homeowners so much easier and establishes Mosaic as the leader in the industry."

    Features of the new app:

    • Universal - Works on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop
    • Receive app by SMS - Text Tap to MOSAIC (667242) to load app on smartphone, no need for app store
    • Interactive estimator - Adjust and compare plans easily based on customer preference
    • Instant credit approvals - Short application form, decision in seconds
    • Friendly presentation and signing - Easy, no jargon. Customers sign agreement in seconds with just one signature
    • Share application - By SMS or email, for customers who wish to apply on their own device or on their own time
    • Frictionless ACH - Customers sign up for auto-pay within app to benefit from lower interest rate
    • Pipeline in your pocket - Keep track of all your customers and projects on the go
    • Rework jobs - Create change orders if scope changes, even after customer signs agreement
    • Multiple projects - Break down job into multiple projects, get paid per project
    • Confirm projects by SMS - Text customer once project is complete, get paid when they respond

    The expansion into home improvement projects is the natural next step for Mosaic after more than six years of financing solar installation for consumers across the US. Now Mosaic will offer its same seamless experience to homeowners looking to finance home improvement projects such as roofing, HVAC, windows, doors, and other home improvements.

    About Mosaic
    Mosaic makes the modern home possible by providing a financing platform for home improvement projects, including generating and storing solar energy and other smart upgrades. Mosaic empowers solar and home improvement professionals to deliver financing through a simple point-of-sale app creating a hassle-free and positive experience for the both the contractor and homeowner. Since 2012, Mosaic has originated more than $2 billion in loans across the US. Mosaic has been honored by Fast Company as a Top Ten Most Innovative Company in Energy for two consecutive years. For more information, visit

    SOURCE Mosaic

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  • OAKLAND, Calif.Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mosaic, a leader in providing financing options for residential solar and home improvement projects in the U.S., surpassed $3 billion in loans funded through the company's platform since inception, a culmination of efforts from its solar and home improvement business units.

    This comes on the heels of another major accomplishment for the solar pioneer: with financing through the Mosaic platform, solar has been added to more than 100,000 homes, the equivalent of every home in a city the size of St. Louis being powered by solar. 

    "These milestones are proof that our mission to provide modern financing solutions for solar and energy-efficient home improvements is meeting a real need in the marketplace," said Billy Parish, co-founder and CEO of Mosaic. "We expect our momentum to continue as more families look to make their homes more comfortable, more sustainable and more resilient with home solar and batteries, energy efficiency improvements and other upgrades."

    Mosaic has accelerated the adoption of rooftop solar by making financing options available for more than 780 MW of solar energy. In 2018, Mosaic supported the reduction of 350,000 metric tons of CO2 – equivalent to planting 5.8 million tree saplings, according to an Energy Impact Partners report. 

    Recent leadership announcements

    Mosaic also announced that Erin Talbot, formerly vice president and general manager of solar, has been promoted to chief lending officer overseeing both the solar and home improvement business units. Erin joined the Mosaic team a year ago and oversaw the launch of new financing products and significant growth through 2019. Her promotion follows September's announcement that Nagaraju Bandaru joined Mosaic's executive team as chief technology officer. 

    "Our leadership team brings some of the strongest backgrounds in consumer lending and technology development to execute our growth strategies through bringing more flexible, competitive and streamlined products to market," Parish said. 

    Surpassing $3 billion in funded loans and announcing two new senior leaders came at the end of an impressive year for Mosaic. The market has embraced the company's new PowerSwitch 6 products launched earlier this year, which bundle together several features designed to improve solar installers' cash flow, streamline their processing, expand their markets and lower their customer acquisition costs. 

    Mosaic's home improvement lending platform has also boosted the company's growth with a growing network of partner contractors in HVAC, roofing, remodeling and more, as well as its customer- and contractor-friendly point-of-sale app. The app allows home improvement contractors to provide homeowners with a simple financing process that offers clear payment terms and instant customer prequalification through any device. 

    About Mosaic

    Mosaic makes financing solutions for solar, solar-plus-energy storage systems and other home improvements accessible and affordable for homeowners by providing the simplest borrower experience in the industry. Customers are referred by home improvement contractors and approved solar installers and can be pre-approved instantly for no money down loans with fixed interest rates and multiple term options. For our network of hundreds of home improvement contractors and solar installers, Mosaic provides a streamlined financing platform to drive sales growth. Since 2012, Mosaic has helped more than 100,000 households go solar with financing solutions. For more information, visit

    SOURCE Mosaic

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