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IRIS is a global market leader in digital F&B ordering, guest directory and concierge solutions for hotels, working with many of the world’s leading chains including Marriott, Hilton, Ennismore, Mandarin Oriental, IHG and Four Seasons, in addition to a host of luxury, independent hotelsOur flexible hospitality platform helps hotels around the world to boost revenues, drive down costs, and deliver a touchless experience to guests.

IRIS mobile ordering provides a truly digital ordering experience to their guests, making it easier and faster for guests to browse, order and pay for items and services from any where in the property - by enabling guests to self-serve, staff resources are reduced and manual processes are a thing of the past.

Thousands of hotels on every continent across the world have used IRIS’s mobile, tablet and web app technology to boost additional revenues by 20-40% while simultaneously reducing the cost of delivering their services.

Find out why hospitality operators worldwide are choosing IRIS to power their mobile ordering and guest experience platforms to help them increase profitability, enhance the guest experience and reduce resources.

 Press Releases

  • The leading provider of digital F&B and guest experience platforms has seen marked increases in both revenues and demand for mobile orders from hospitality clients as global footprint grows 

    IRIS, a global leader in digital ordering for the hospitality industry, announces unprecedented growth in its client base as demand from guests for a digital-first experience continues to soar.

    Rise in popularity of digital services

    With the marked return of travel since the pandemic, hospitality guest numbers have risen apace. IRIS order numbers from January to July in 2022 have increased by over 85% compared to the same period in 2021, whilst order revenue has increased by over 90% compared to the same period in 2021. This growth corresponds with the rising popularity of guests using their mobile devices and the increasing expectation for a more autonomous, self-service approach to ordering and payments.

    The recent report 2022 Restaurant Trends Report by Intouch Insight highlighted that as of this year, over two-thirds (71%) of consumers reported having used a mobile app to purchase a meal. A sentiment echoed in the Oracle Hospitality in 2025 Report which also cites that nearly all (96%) of hoteliers are investing in contactless technology.

    Increased revenues and operational efficiencies for hoteliers

    Hospitality operators worldwide recognise the value that mobile ordering and payments offer in terms of increasing both revenues and operational efficiencies and have been swift to respond. The role of mobile has had a transformative impact on the hospitality industry - not only from a guest journey perspective but also in supporting owners and operators to mitigate the impact of rising costs and staff shortages.

    IRIS is now the chosen mobile ordering partner for, and trusted by, a host of award-winning luxury, chain and family hotels and resorts worldwide. The company’s client base which now includes Marriott, Waldorf Astoria, Four Seasons, Kimpton Hotels, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, IHG and Ennismore, in addition to a host of luxury, independent hotels, has grown significantly year on year.

    Rubén Zamora, Director at Mallorca Ç Collection [a group of luxury, boutique hotels that have the IRIS app], added “We wanted to provide our guests with a sustainable, digital experience that will enhance their stay and give them everything they need - and the IRIS app does exactly this. We have seen impressive sales results through the app at our hotels in such a short space of time. The sophisticated platform helps improve the guest experience whilst enabling us to power up our ancillary revenue growth and be more cost effective.’’

    Innovative new features to meet demand

    In direct response to this trend the company recently announced the launch of two new features to enable operators to extend their mobile ordering and payment service capabilities to guests even further. Open Tab and Pay at Table have both been developed to equip both the guest and the operator with the mobile functionality that offers more flexibility and efficiency.

    Both features enable the guest to order and pay when and how they want, whilst at the same time supporting operations and revenue in the midst of inflation and staff challenges, to enable operators to maximise the guest potential to spend.

    This is in line with the expansion of the client support and product development teams worldwide, with nine colleagues recently joining the IRIS team and 3 more scheduled to join before the end of the year, and the launch of new London offices in April.

    Graham Rushin, VP Sales and Marketing at IRIS, comments:

    “It is hugely encouraging to see the growth and impact that mobile ordering has had on supporting the hospitality industry and exciting to consider the potential it has to deliver even further growth for operators across the board in the future.“

    “Likewise, as Generation Z – the first generation to have grown up with access to both the internet and digital mobile technology – continues to grow and subsequent generations follow, we fully expect mobile ordering to become the norm far beyond its level of adoption now. It is our focus as a business to continue to invest in the research and development of new features and platforms that ensure operators are fully equipped to not only meet but exceed the expectations of their guests. Future-proofing is critical to the success of any business and for hospitality adopting a mobile approach to technology is an essential part of that process.”  

  • The leading provider of digital F&B and guest experience platforms is set to boost F&B orders and streamline operations with the launch of two new features

    IRIS, a global leader in digital ordering for the hospitality industry, today announces the launch of two new features. Open Tab and Pay at Table have both been developed to enhance the user experience, as well as increase revenue, and support operators against the challenges of rising costs and staff shortages. 

    With staffing challenges and job openings at an all-time high, digitising processes can help alleviate the strain on operations. Open Tab puts the guests in control and provides a new way to order with the option to start a tab, order multiple rounds of food and drink, and pay in one single transaction at the end. Groups can also order across multiple devices which can then be reconciled with one final bill to pay. For payment, guests can retrieve the bill using the relevant table number, add a tip and pay by credit card. Previously with other solutions guests have been required to pay every time they placed an individual order, rather than the option of settling one final bill.

    As a mobile-first service and with 73% of travellers wanting to use their mobile device to manage their hotel stay, Open Tab satisfies the need for guests to self-serve.

    Guests can determine their delivery location, order multiple rounds/items and pay off the open bill, how and where they choose, at the end, for complete flexibility. The bill can be accessed throughout via the order history function. Unlike other solutions, there is also no need to download or spend time setting up an account and logging in. It can be selected by the guest and become operational immediately.

    From an operator's perspective, hotels save time and resources as orders and bills are updated and processed automatically enabling hotels to serve more guests with less demand on staff.

    Hotels will increase revenues as guests can order additional items as soon as they like without having to wait for a member of staff. The added benefit of one larger bill paid at the end is also an increase in tips for staff. All with the reassurance of a quick, simple, and secure payment process to safeguard revenue and profit.

    Working alongside Open Tab, Pay at Table enables guests to retrieve their bills at the end of a meal and pay directly via the app – regardless of how the order was placed. As a result, guests can pay more quickly and efficiently without the need to wait for a member of staff. Pay at Table was developed to be mobile-first and meet the ever-growing demand from guests who want to use their mobile to manage their hospitality experience. Guests have the option to order with staff and then pay when they are ready via a QR code to enjoy both a high-touch and high-tech experience. Swifter payment options also provide operators with the opportunity to improve turnover rates and increase revenues even further.

    Graham Rushin, VP of Sales and Marketing at IRIS, comments, “The role of mobile has had a transformative impact on the hospitality industry. Not only from a guest journey perspective but also in supporting owners and operators to mitigate the impact of rising costs and staff shortages. We have developed Open Tab and Pay at Table as two features that will not only meet the ever-growing demand from guests for a highly digital, self-service experience that is delivered across other aspects of daily life but will also enable hospitality owners and operators to increase their earnings and revenue potential of their venues. Both features deliver intuitive, efficient functions that support staff, operations, cashflow, revenue and payment security to build a better experience for guests and operators alike.”

    According to a recent study by the National Restaurant Association, 58% of operators said recruiting and retaining employees is the top challenge currently facing their business. Digitising processes and automating mundane processes can empower hotels to enhance productivity and job satisfaction amongst staff.

    Both features can be customised with relevant property branding, logos and colour themes for a consistent guest brand experience and offer the opportunity to combine the fine dining experience of a waiter service with the convenience of autonomous payment options.

    Pay at Table and Open Tab are available now. Learn more here.


  • F&B Order and Pay
    Elevate your F&B earnings and free up staff time! Guests can browse, order and pay, from the comfort of their own device, anywhere in the property. It empowers you to reach guests in a way that suits them and helps you save resource and reduce costs....

  • The solution provides a set of highly-configurable modules allowing hotels and restaurants to provide outstanding digital experiences to their guests and staff across all outlets.

    IRIS F&B Order & Pay is a cloud-based app which enables hotels and restaurants to provide a flexible and complete digital ordering experience that makes it easier and faster for guests to browse, order and pay for items and services across multiple outlets. As a result, hotels can reach and engage with their guests in a way that suits them, whilst at the same time driving ancillary revenue and saving resources.

    The platform empowers guests to order food and drink items online from the comfort of their own device. Fully integrated with both POS and PMS operators, hoteliers save resources and improve service times - orders are processed directly in the kitchen and guests pay online. This increases turnaround time, operational efficiencies and profitability. Hotels save significant costs by keeping menus updated at the press of a button and providing access via a QR code, without the need for expensive re-prints.

    IRIS are trusted by the leading hotel groups of the world, like Marriott, Mandarin Oriental, Ennismore and Four Seasons to fuel their online ordering capabilities. Hotels report significant growth in F&B revenue of between 20-40% on average with IRIS’s F&B ordering platform. 

    Robust and scalable, F&B Order & Pay caters to multiple brands, tenants, and languages. Additionally, integrations with leading POS providers and payment solutions like FreedomPay and Stripe enables hotels to benefit from more streamlined operations and the capability to manage orders and turn tables at a faster rate to drive more revenue.

    Your guests are fully in control and will enjoy an enhanced guest experience, quicker service and accurate deliveries, that will keep them coming back for more. Your staff will save time and will enjoy the automated processes and fewer manual uploads.

  • Digital Guest Directory
    Provide your guests with information on your hotel, your facilities and the local area...in the palm of their hand on their own device, wherever they may be in your hotel. Save resources, drive revenue and communicate with guests in a way that suits them....

  • Goodbye leather-bound book. Hello pocket compendium. IRIS' digtial guest directory enables hotels to keep on top of the up-to-date information for their guests without endless reprints.

    The digital guest directory offers an efficient, accessible, and far more sustainable alternative to the traditional in-room printed directory, complete with all the information a guest expects including hotel information, maps and local recommendations. A more environmentally friendly solution with no printing costs, all of which can be easily updated online at the click of a button, to keep the content relevant and fresh. 

    Guests can access this information wherever they are in a property, at their convenience. Your guests and staff both deserve to see the good stuff in a modern way - PLUS, it helps reduce costs, streamline processes and provide guests with a more memorable and sustainable experience. 

    • *Reach guests in a way that suits them and keep guest information up-to-date and accurate 
    • *Generate additional revenue and reduce costs  
    • *Save time and resources – and operate more efficiently 
    • *Operate more sustainably and appeal to travellers 
    • *Elevate the guest experience and provide a more enjoyable and fulfilling stay  

    Find out more here - https://www.iris.net/articles/9-ways-to-win-with-digital-guest-directories

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