Walt Strasser, EVP , Minibar SystemsWalt Strasser, EVP

making it easier for brands to keep tabs on product inventory. SmartCube also comes with automatic locking and unlocking features that can be controlled through the PMS.

SmartCube is unlocked on check-in command, and the temperature is appropriately regulated. Whenever guests select a product, the amount is automatically added to their bill in real time, eliminating the possibility of after-departure disputes. An inventory is kept, and management is notified of needed refills. If an item is selected and then returned, SmartCube checks its condition. For snacks kept outside the minibar, the company offers SmartTray, which shares the same underlying technology. Both are connected to a console box via cable/WiFi in the room that sends all notifications to the PMS.

“Our solution suite provides daily, weekly, and monthly reports to the onsite management team, giving brands a bird’s eye on product sales,” adds Strasser.

Minibar Systems’ product roadmap owes a great deal to client feedback. To address the growing need for storing guests’ personal belongings, Minibar Systems developed SmartFridgeECO—a highly energy-efficient mini refrigerator unit.

Although SmartFridgeECO shares commonalities with SmartCube, the crucial difference lies in the

ability to automatically turn on or off based on the guest’s arrival and departure. This first-of-its-kind product enables hoteliers to reduce energy consumption by over 75 percent for in-room refrigerator amenities.

Apart from a comprehensive product portfolio, Minibar Systems also offers global outsourcing programs for some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry. It runs the entire refreshment management program on behalf of its clientele for a particular timeframe. Minibar Systems handles everything from inventory management and cost of goods to maintenance. Clients have no financial obligation. Instead, it adds to their revenues.

Recently, Hilton, a global luxury hotel chain, wanted a particular look for SmartCube Dual—which combines the best of the minibar and personal fridge—to suit their interior aesthetics. A redesigned unit, installed in 3,400 rooms at Hilton’s Las Vegas resort, demonstrates Minibar Systems’ client-centricity. The company also runs a refreshment management program for Fairmont hotels in the North American region.

The immense value proposition of Minibar Systems makes it an ideal partner in the hospitality tech space. With the market experiencing a tailwind for automated in-room amenities, Minibar Systems’ solutions and services can improve the guest experience while offering options for driving incremental revenue.

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Walt Strasser, EVP

Operating since the 70s, Minibar Systems has evolved as one of the world’s leading hospitality solution providers. Its product portfolio includes minibars, snack trays, refrigerators, and safes used in some of the leading five-star hotel chains as well as many independent hotels, resorts, and casinos. These have been recognized for their advanced features and are well-received within the hospitality industry worldwide.