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Applications and Techniques Using Combustion Ion Chromatography

  • SC Office A302
  • Course Number:SC14542
Wednesday,March 09, 2022:8:30 AM -12:30 PM


Jay Sheffer
Product Specialist, Ion Chromatography
Metrohm USA


This course will introduce basic concepts in combustion ion chromatography (Combustion IC, CIC) with practical industry-based applications. Exemplary data from methods in petrochemical, chemical, and environmental applications will be presented. Overcoming challenges in these application areas through optimization of chromatographic conditions and calibration techniques, selection of absorber solutions and combustion oven burn profiles, introduction of solid, liquid, and LPG samples, and review of ASTM methodologies featuring CIC will be covered in this course.

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Course Outline

Combustion IC has become an important tool for the analysis of halogens and sulfur in a variety of industries. This short course will provide a practical introduction to Combustion IC and method development. You will leave with a clear understanding of the challenges associated with Combustion IC method development based on real world examples. We will emphasize optimization of chromatographic conditions and calibration techniques, absorber solution selection, optimization of combustion-oven burn profiles, calculations, and basic troubleshooting. Key ASTM regulatory methods using Combustion IC for environmental, petrochemical, and chemical analysis will be discussed. We will also discuss challenges associated with Combustion IC applications and how to overcome them.

Learning Objectives

Participants in this course will learn fundamental concepts in Combustion IC, how to follow ASTM methodologies for petrochemical analysis using CIC, how to calibrate a CIC for solids, liquids, and LPG samples, and for basic CIC troubleshooting.

Additional Info

Categories (Up to 5):
Data Analysis,Environmental Analysis,Liquid Chromatography,Petroleum Analysis,Quality/Regulatory/Compliance

Proposal Number:

Scientific Specialties:
Chromatography - Ion,Lab Automation

Target Audience:
This course is ideal for lab chemists, technicians, quality control personnel, and lab managers who are new to Combustion IC analysis and CIC instrumentation as well as those who are involved with method development or those who need to learn the basics of Combustion IC and its common applications.

Type of Industry:
Analytical Chemistry/Equipment/Instruments,Chemicals/Chemical Equipment,Environmental/Air/Water/Wastewater,Laboratories/Research/Testing/Government Agency,Manufacturing,Petroleum/Petrochemicals